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Tha Hot$hot - New Flex Artwork.png

"New Flex"

(Prod. by Omito Beats) 

Tha Hot$hot - Reggaeton Soca Artwork (Di

"Reggaeton Soca"

(feat. Daddy Jota & Ra'zhim) (Prod. By O'Brien Blagrove) 

Tha Hot$hot _ Tha Hotshot - Oualichi Art


(Prod. By Serb Tember) 

"What You Ready For?"

(Feat. D. Kullus) (Prod. By Nino Boy) 

"High Off Life"

(Feat. Yung Phenom) (Prod. By Anttheeman)

"Party Freak"

(Feat. Yung Phenom) (Prod. By XavBeatz)

"Tropical Limelight" (Remix)

(Feat. Konshens & $tekaly) (Prod . By MulahBeatz)

"Tropical Limelight"

(Feat. $tekaly) (Prod . By MulahBeatz)


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(Feat. Tatiana) (Prod. By StunnaBeatz)

"Find Myself"

(Prod. By Anttheeman)

"Wide Awake"

(Prod. By XavBeatz)

"Looks May Be Deceiving"

(Feat. Esco ECB) (Prod. By StunnaBeatz)

"Locked In"

(Prod. By BusyWorksBeats)

Control (Remix)

(Prod. By NO I.D.)

"Take Me Out"

(Feat. Janice & Big Blacks) (Engineered By Big Blacks)

"Reppin' It"

(Engineered By L-Key)

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